AirCon services.

A car air condition should be serviced atleast every year because it involves cleansing the air circulation system to maintain icy cold air output and get rid of unpleasant smells. Small leaks in the air conditioning system allow the refrigerant to escape and the system can’t cool the air as well.


What we do

Air CON is complex system that we should think about before it starts blowing hot air. It needs routine maintenance by trained technicians to keep you cool on those hot summer days. Say for example the refrigerant in the air conditioner contains a special oil that lubricates and cools the A/C parts and this oil is eventually get used up. Even thou your air conditioner still make cold air, the parts don’t have oil to protect them and they wear out faster than they should so it’s important to service the air conditioner.

We offer a variety of air conditioning services that include:

  • Check cooling efficiency
  • Diagnostic, repair and recharge services
  • Recharge A/C system using proper refrigerant and lubricants
  • Inspect components for leaks
  • Test for proper pressure and ensure proper cycling of compressor